Long Life Due To Calcium In Diet

coralShigechiyo Izumi, a Japanese man living in the Amami Islands died in 1986. According to the Guinness Book of Records he was the male with the greatest authenticated age in the world.

If the records are accurate he was 120 years and 237 days old at the time of his death and the second longest lived ever second only to French woman Jeanne Calment.

He spent 98 years actively working and holds the record for the longest working life of any body worldwide. There has been some controversy over his birth date as his birth certificate might have been that of his older brother who died whilst still young.

In some cultures it is common to name a newborn child after a relative that has recently died. This is a usual practice in Italy for example but in other cultures it can be considered inappropriate at best.

Be that as it may, Mr Izumi still lived and remained active to a very advanced age.

The Amami Islands include the Sango Coral Islands and are in the Okinawa region of Japan.

The area is renowned for the longevity of its inhabitants so the question is, why?

Is there any way we can benefit from knowing that these people live longer, healthier and enjoy active lives more than the rest of us?

It seems that calcium could possibly be the key!

The Sango Islands were formed from coral reefs which have a similar chemical composition to human bones. When it rains, water percolates through the coral picking up various essential minerals, elements and essential vitamins. At the same time the water has a pH value between 7 and 8.5.

This is a measurement of alkalinity and the human body needs to be alkaline, if acidic it means a deficiency of oxygen and disease resistance is seriously lowered.

Coral calsium contains over 70 trace elements many of which are essential to human health and longevity. Coral calcium also has the effect of increasing the level of oxygen in our bodies and oxygen both as an integral element of water that makes up between 65 and 70% of the composition of our bodies is also present in other vital areas and is fundamental to our health.

Amongst other vital bodily activities it is essential in the process of efficient waste disposal from our bodies which if allowed to accumulate becomes increasingly toxic.

So if we want to stay healthy and active, maybe outlive Mr Izumi, it leaves us with this question can we get hold of a regular supply of coral calcium from the Sango Coral Islands?

Our information is that it is possible as the Japanese Government is carefully monitoring production of coral calcium from this region and not allowing any living coral to be damaged.

The end product is in the form of capsules that can be obtained on line.
However, there are over 200 diseases linked to mineral deficiency and very many species of coral so stick to the Japanese coral calcium.

Failing that then drink oxygen rich spring or mineral water with a high pH level and live long and prosper.

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