The Need for Zinc in Your Diet


Zinc DietZinc is one the most important essential trace elements. One of its main function is its immune boosting properties. Unfortunately many people are zinc deficient either due to a poor diet, notably vegetarians, alcoholics or age.

The elderly are more susceptible to illnesses which lower the ability of the body to absorb zinc in adequate amounts. Certain medications also reduce the amount of necessary zinc in the body.

Why you Need Zinc in Your Diet

Zinc is found in every body tissue. It is a natural anti oxidant, getting rid of free radicals thereby helping to prevent cancer and maintain the correct hormone levels.

It helps detoxify the body from heavy metals in the brain and reducing the possibility of alzheimer’s disease.

It is necessary to give the body energy. Athletes depend on sufficient levels to enable them to optimise their performance levels by encouraging the release of testosterone, growth hormones and insulin-like growth factor-1. These hormones help develop muscle and strength.

Zinc Deficiency

Insufficient zinc in our diet can lead to problems such as :-

  • Poor open wound healing
  • Memory problems
  • Hair loss
  • Nail problems
  • Low immunity
  • Low libido
  • Can accelerate the ageing process
  • Cancer – prostate, breast, colon, ovaries, lungs and skin
  • Can cause high cholesterol which in turn can increase the risk of heart disease

What Foods Contain Zinc ?

Zinc is found in large concentrations in meat, lentils, oysters and dairy food. Alternatively you can obtain zinc via supplements.

However, be warned that too much zinc can cause poor immune health. Therefore it is recommended that you see your medical advisor to check your zinc levels.

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