Do You Really Need 8 Glasses Of Water Per Day?

glass of waterYes and No is the answer.
We have all been bombarded with orders to drink more water every day or we could become dehydrated and if we don’t, oh no please help us, something terrible is going to happen, like we’re going to shrivel up and die.

Have you been brainwashed into thinking you need to carry a bottle of water around with you all day and drink gallon loads at every opportunity?

There is now a school of thought that considers the whole 8 glasses of water per day to be a myth and there is new ongoing research to support these claims.

So the only beneficiaries of this myth are the water manufacturers and retail outlets that have stack loads of water bottles staring you in the face, daring you not to leave the store without purchasing some.

Our bodies are made up from approximately 2/3 water.

Water is essential to life. If we go without food we can survive for long periods but if we deprive ourselves of water we will surely die in a matter of days.

The simple facts are that we need water to

  • Carry waste products out of the body.
  • To keep the skin structure supple.
  • To carry nutrients to the various organs.
  • To regulate temperature controls.

When we perspire we lose fluid (water) through the skin via the pores. If we lose too much we suffer.
Most people walk around in a dehydrated condition.

They complain of having headaches, being tired, not able to concentrate. In extreme circumstances, lack of sufficient water can cause heat exhaustion.

This is when we need a water top up

If you suffer from any of the above, the best thing to do is to sip a mouthful or two of water every hour. In fact this is the best advice that anyone can get. You know then that your body will be constantly hydrated and you will not ever suffer from water overload, which can be fatal in very rare circumstances.

However, before you go rushing off for your next gulp, please understand that water is present in much of the food we eat so even if you cant take another drop more you will still be hydrated and keep the energy levels up if you eat a varied amount of the following.

Foods that contain water

Don’t forget, sip water throughout the day in small quantities and you will be healthier, more alert and more ready to face the world.

waterIf you can bear it, add water to your white wine, not only will this be adding water from your daily allowance but it can help with alleviating any side effects from over indulgence.

The message in this article is not to drink bottles of water in one go, but to regulate yourself to a few sips or mouthfuls an hour during the day. Also, it is very rare that you need to buy expensive bottled water in preference to tap water, unless of course you prefer the taste and become a water connoisseur.

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  1. Mary Fugitt says:

    Just curious…who is funding this "ongoing research" on how much pure water we should be drinkng per day? I didn’t see the authors name or his sources. Can you provide me with this information?

  2. Jaks says:

    Thank you for your query.

    Our source for this article was a review authored by Heinz Valtin, MD and published in the American Journal of Physiology.

    Dr Valtin , professor emeritus of physiology at Dartmouth Medical School is a kidney specialist and the author of text books on the subject.

    He has found no scientific studies to support the eight glasses of water a day requirement.

    The origin may have been a recommendation by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council that an intake of 1 millilitre of water to each calorie of food would amount to about two to two and a half quarts of water a day. The next sentence states that most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods.

    It appears that this sentence has been ignored. The cynical amongst us may very well think that the bottled water industry has taken full advantage by using the first sentence out of context.

    On a final note Dr Valtin emphasizes that his conclusion is limited to healthy adults living in a temperate climate and leading a largely sedentary life.

  3. santosh says:

    If leave food and water can we really die ? If yes then in how many days we survive or die ?

  4. Jaks says:

    The average length of time before a person dies as a result of not eating is approx 4 – 6 weeks. However, this rather depends on the circumstances and situation of the person.
    Living without water is impossible for longer than 3-5 days again depending on the conditions
    Visit here for more information

  5. Enrique says:

    Water is very important. We need to consume more water and less soft drinks. Water is life. Any time you sweat, you need to drink more water to replenish the bodies stores.

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