How To Give Up Caffeine For Your Health

give up caffeineAlthough caffeine, taken in moderate amounts, should not cause any harm its easy to see why the sales of caffeine free drinks are booming.
This is because caffeine is a stimulant but it does have possible negative side effects which makes sense to withdraw it from your diet. The possible unpleasant side effects and concern about health is the main reason to give up caffeine entirely. However, as with most drugs, withdrawal should be slow.

Some Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

Ways to Give Up Caffeine

  • Work out how many cups of coffee and/or tea you consume each day and try to reduce slowly. Add more milk to your coffee and tea to reduce the amount of caffeine.
  • If you drink mainly coffee, try and switch to tea as it contains less caffeine then coffee. Then you can slowly acclimatise yourself and switch to herbal tea or decaffeinated tea.
  • If you are totally addicted to the strong stuff and you want to reduce, you can try mixing your regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee  until you are drinking the completely caffeine free variety.
  • Drink out of a smaller mug.
  • Drink caffeine free tea, coffee and, if you must have, colas. There will be very little difference in the taste.
  • If you feel in the need for a pick me up, try taking a brisk walk. Remember, energy begets energy.
  • Understand that drinking coffee is a habit which can be broken, albeit not a bad habit , but one that could have an adverse effect on your health.


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