Pumpkin Seeds Health Benefits

pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds, known as Pepitas in Spanish speaking countries, have significant health benefits, particularly when eaten hulled and raw.

The seeds can be roasted and eaten with the outer shell or husk as a snack or sprinkled on salads and other dishes. Prepared this way they taste delicious but some of the beneficial oil and vitamins can be lost in the roasting process.

To gain the maximum nutritional benefit from pumpkin seeds they should be hulled and eaten raw. Do check when buying that the raw seeds are a green in color and that they smell fresh, not musty or stale. Store in a sealed container and keep in the cool or fridge.

The small flat green seeds have a pleasant soft crunchy taste and again can be sprinkled on salads,etc., snacked upon on their own or blended into a tasty pesto with cilantro or a similar herb. They contain protein and fibre that helps satisfy the appetite and help towards losing weight.

The seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for healthy heart function.  Studies show  that pumpkin seed oil can also lower blood pressure.

How Much To Eat

Half a cup of raw pumpkin seeds a day will contain nearly all the magnesium the body requires for bone and tooth health, regulating heart and bowel function, and is of great benefit in preventing heart attacks, strokes and keeping the blood vessels functioning properly.

Magnesium Content

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in keeping the body functioning correctly although it is estimated that over 50%  of North Americans are suffer from a deficiency on a daily basis.

Zinc Content

Zinc is another vital mineral that pumpkin seeds are are rich in. Amongst its many important functions in the body are the promotion of cell growth, the immune system, taste and smell, sleep, eye and skin health, male sexual activity and prostate health.

Zinc deficiency can be associated with an increase in colds and flu, depression, skin problems such as acne, chronic fatigue, child learning difficulties and low weight in new born babies.

So rich are pumpkin seeds in these and other minerals, oils, antioxidants and fibres that they should feature regularly in the diets of all those concerned in the healthy control of their weight while keeping fit, mentally alert and stress free.

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