The Dangers of Energy Drinks

energy drinksTeens and twenty somethings are in danger of getting hooked on unhealthy energy drinks. Recent research has found that thirty-one percent of teenagers in the United States drink energy drinks, from three million kids just three years ago to over seven and a half million today.

Over five hundred new energy drinks have been launched world wide in the last twelve months. Many claim to help weight loss, increase endurance and stamina and provide legal highs.

The $3.4 billion a year industry is reported to have grown by eighty percent last year aided the Internet. Fan mail for brands appear on their own MySpace pages and are reviewed by bloggers.

The hype carries over into the streets. All this activity adds to the many brands own advertising and marketing efforts that are likely to result in yet another bumper year coming up.

The problem, say nutritionists, is that these drinks contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine that can hook kids. It is hard to know how much caffeine is in the drinks as they comes from many sources and some contain Vitamin B that, if taken in excess, can cause unpleasant side effects.

More cause for concern is that some kids are drinking several cans one after the other without a pause expecting to get a high. The result is that too much caffeine can cause sickness and many poison-centers have had reports of illness as a result.

With brands targeting the teens and twenties and a market that is far from saturated, the problem of these energy drinks is going to get steadily worse.

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  1. Enrique says:

    Back years ago…Pepsi and Coke removed caffeine from the soft drink. Now because of the success of the energy market. They are introducing new soft drinks charged with caffeine. The problem with the energy drinks is not really the drink, but the people that use them. (because of being mislead by marketers). These energy drinks contains either Caffeine or Guarana, which act as a diuretic. Your body gets rid of water. Most people don’t have the common sense to drink more water this could lead to dehydration and headaches.

  2. I have a friend which suffering damage of kidney. According to the doctor say, that thing happened because he is too much and often drink energy drinks outside measures which ought to. I think, requirement of vitamin every body different each other. In consequence of that, if we like to consume energy drinks or supplement to add more energy, it’s better for us consult with the doctor first.

    • Jaks says:

      Your friend has been examined by a doctor who has passed his opinion. If your friend is unhappy with the diagnosis he should seek a second opinion from another qualified doctor or better still a kidney specialist.

      Stick to the old saying “all things in moderation”. Continuous over indulgence in energy drinks can have as detrimental an effect on health as with alcohol, fatty foods, being a chocoholic etc.

      I hope you are getting the message!

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