The Real Meaning Of Organic Food

organic foodOrganic foods are animal, vegetable, fruit or cereal crops that are farmed by the sole use of natural methods, meaning the exclusion of, or strict limits on, the use of synthetic products.

Techniques to produce organic food include crop rotation, the use of natural manure and compost as fertilizers without the addition of any chemical or other synthetic additives, natural biological pest control, plant or animal growth stimulators such as hormones, food additives and antibiotics. There are many reasons to eat organic food.

Genetically modified foodstuffs are also prohibited from the organic food chain.

The aim is to sustain good soil and animal health with the benefits passing on to humans.

No Long Term Health Hazards from Chemical Additives

Essentially it is a return to natural traditional agriculture as distinct from the intensive farming methods that have become the norm. Yields on vegetable and cereal crops are lower but benefit from not having any residual artificial or chemical residues which may have long term health consequences when consumed.

Livestock benefit from ranging free as nature intended, being organically fed and not being confined to crowded pens, stalls or sheds. No hormones to enhance growth or antibiotics to inhibit disease are allowed into their feed stuff. Unlike the regular introduction of these and other artificial substances into the feed of non organic animals and fowl that have been shown to enter the human food chain where the consequences to health are now being recognised.

Better Health, Better Taste

Organically produced foods are considered to taste better, and should have no long term health consequences. For keep fit enthusiasts who are conscious of their diets there are additional benefits.

We are what we eat!

If our food intake contains only beneficial nutrients then we cut down the chances of problems affecting our long term health. In the short term who can argue against healthy eating being a key factor in staying fit and looking good.

Many nations now regulate and legally enforce organic agricultural methods. To quote The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

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