Vinegar Is Natures Gift To Man

vinegarOne of natures’ most useful gifts to man is vinegar. The name derives from the French vinaigre vin as we all know means wine and coupled with aigre translates as sharp or sour wine, that is wine that is has continued fermentation to convert its alcohol into vinegar.

The word vinaigrette is the culinary term for a dressing containing vinegar or lemon, sometimes both together, blended with other ingredients or flavorings, sometimes only olive oil.

There are innumerable recipes and ingredients based on the sharp tastes of vinegar and lemon, dependent upon taste, making vinegar based sauces and dressings an important feature of the culinary arts.

A vinaigrette is used for complimenting salads is also popularly known as French dressing.

From the earliest times of recorded history vinegar has been mentioned. It is most likely to have originally been produced by accident by the discovery that when the alcohol in wine, cider, ale, etc. is exposed to air as it ages, it becomes converted by airborne bacteria into vinegar.

Rather than discard this spoilt wine, our ancestors began to discover the extraordinary range of benefits that vinegar, this most versatile of liquids, could give them.

In the same way as every culture known to man has developed alcohol based beverages so they have enjoyed the benefits of vinegar. We will be exploring the ways, in a later article, how the diverse regions of the world harnessed the use of their own unique varieties of vinegars to enhance their lifestyles.

Seven thousand years ago the Babylonians made their wine and vinegar from dates. The palm date vinegar was used to preserve or pickle meats and other foods and as a sustaining beverage.

The dried residue of vinegar has been identified in 5000-year-old Egyptian urns and vinegar has been written about in Chinese manuscripts dating from 1200 BC.

There are many mentions of vinegar in the bible both in the old and the new testaments. Perhaps the most memorable being the use of vinegar by women of charity to help alleviate the agony of those suffering on the cross.

We know that in biblical times vinegar was used for food flavoring, as a drink and as medicine.

And now we come to the Father of modern medicine, Hippocrates the Greek renowned for the Hippocratic oath that today all doctors take when they begin to practice.

He recognized so many of the healing and antiseptic qualities of vinegar and prescribed the liquid not only as an invigorating tonic but also for its properties as a cure or healer for a variety of ailments.

In particular he believed that vinegar made as a result of the fermentation of apple cider and then mixed with honey was particularly efficacious, and even today this mix with the addition of some hot water and honey is a great way to start the day, cleanse the system and keep you feeling on top of the world until bedtime.

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