Add Dietary Supplements To Your Diet

dietary supplementsVitamins and minerals.

Together these dietary supplements provide the fuel to enable our bodies and brains to function actively and efficiently, to regenerate skin, muscle, blood, bone, and tissue that make up the vital organs and to ensure the workings of our immune defenses.

Any deficiency will show up sooner or later by the malfunctioning of one or more of our body systems leading to the onset of disease.

The basic fuel that provides us with mental and physical energy is our everyday food intake that should consist of a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats.

The vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining efficiently functioning organs that convert food into energy, produce hormones, act as anti oxidants, detoxify, fight infection, clot blood, regenerate skin and heal wounds, in fact all the multitude of functions that are necessary to maintain a healthy body are provided by the essential vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss

Many adults will, at some time in their lives, embark on a weight loss program that will mostly likely be a diet sometimes combined with exercise. Many diets, particularly the crash kind, will not contain any or sufficient of the nutrients that are vital to maintaining health.

Why You Need Supplements

It is important that pharmaceutical grade multivitamins and supplements are regularly taken as a part of the weight loss regime.

As time goes by the medical profession is becoming increasingly concerned about the risk factors associated with the deficiency of many types of vitamins in so many people that leads to chronic illness.

Whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are an active sports person take your supplements.

It is no accident that the coaches of top athletes and other major sport stars put so much emphasis on a balanced daily diet with added vitamins and mineral supplements .

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