How Do Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Affect Your Body?

mineral supplementsNever think that supplements can take the place of the minerals and vitamins that are obtained from the normal daily servings of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

They are not substitutes. If they were, they would be called so, and not be known as supplements.

Despite some debatable evidence that a balanced diet is becoming increasingly lower in essential minerals and vitamins as a result of intensive farming over many years, supplements are not yet able to provide all the nutrients and other advantages that a balanced diet of naturally produced foods gives to our health and fitness.

There is an enormous diversity of opinion about the merits and consequences of taking vitamins and mineral supplements.

Attitudes range from enthusiastic support to outright condemnation of the practice. The difficulty is in deciding whose opinion is right and whose is wrong from amongst the host of qualified and self appointed experts.

Our conclusion is that unless there is proven medical evidence that a supplement can cause harm in any specified circumstances, that the labeling gives clear guidance to recommended dosage, and that any appropriate warning of conflict with any drugs or medication is also indicated then there should be no problem.

Taking vitamin and mineral supplements could, some argue, be one of the healthiest options and good insurance against heart disease and cancer you could adopt.

Read the label, adhere to the recommendations and if in doubt seek medically qualified advice.

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