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athletesThere are two types of athlete

The highly trained competing at the top level and the recreational athlete.

These two categories are subdivided into the various sporting activities that they take part in.

The dietary supplements that the two types of athlete require are different and within the sub categories this also holds true but without the same importance. Athletes competing at the top level of their chosen sport will have coaches, dietitians and nutritionists to maintain and improve their competitive edge.

They will be on carefully monitored diets and supplements to maintain their bodies at the peak of fitness.

The recreational sportsman has to rely on his own resources.

Whatever our recreational sport and whatever our standard we all have a desire to excel, to improve and to win. Apart from a natural ability, such as a good eye or fast reactions, not many will be content to plod along without making some effort to perform just that bit better, be a little more competitive.

That means that we must pay attention to improving our fitness and mental focus.

The first answer that comes to mind is physical training and practicing our sport and this is absolutely the correct initial approach. At the same time our competition and our team mates are likely to be thinking along the similar lines.

If they are not you are very likely to over take them in the pecking order. It is just as probable that they will be putting in more or less the same effort as you.

So the next logical step forward in this competitive arena is to seek out additional ways to improve performance and to do this we only have to look at what the professionals do to tweak their abilities.

What they do is take nutritional supplements for athletes!

There are muscle growth, best supplements for stamina, best supplements for increasing energy levels, best supplements for injury recovery, exhaustion recovery, the list goes on and on, but most are not practical for the recreational sportsman.

The options for us fun athletes need to be narrowed for practical purposes.

Research has shown that the amount of essential minerals and vitamins that we obtain from our every day food is gradually diminishing. The reasons are given elsewhere on this website.

These substances that are so vital to the efficient functioning of our bodies and minds can be obtained from the variety of vitamin and mineral supplements that are commercially produced.

About 150 million people in the United States are thought to be taking nutritional supplements including vitamins and essential minerals.

An ever-increasing number of medical professionals are recommending a regular regime of multivitamin and dietary supplements to compensate for the lack of natural sources in every day diets to encourage good health.

Active sportsman can top up with extra amounts of vitamins and mineral supplements that are considered to be best for their particular sporting activity but take care not to over indulge.

Moderation is necessary as in some instances excessive exposure to certain supplements can cause problems, some of which can be serious.

The body also imposes its own limitations on the amount it needs so overdoing the supplements just becomes a waste of money.

Research the supplement market to find the products that will suit your particular needs, for example there are certain supplements essential for muscle development that will be helpful to weightlifters and other sports that have an emphasis on strength, similarly for runners needing stamina etc.

Just be sure that all the supplements and vitamins are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards and check the labels in the unlikely event that the product contains traces of any substances banned in your particular sport.


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  1. Enrique says:

    Supplements for Athletes have come a long way. Supplements such as Creatine and Nitrix Oxide (NO). These two supplements work to help you with endurance, recovery and strength. Nitrix Oxide help lower lactic acid, that burning feeling that you get when you use your muscle for longer period of time, such as running.

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