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Why You Need To Drink Water

Why You Need To Drink Water

Life cannot exist without water; it is a fundamental building block of our bodies.
Throughout our daily life, whether we are super active or just couch potatoes, it is essential to maintain our fluid levels, and all the fluids we are likely to ingest contain water.

Providing we drink, with the exception of alcohol, then dehydration is unlikely occur.

But best of all just plain old drinking water is the most beneficial; it requires the minimum of digestive activity and is the most efficient in ridding the body of wastes.

When we need water, perhaps during a hot day or after exercise, our body triggers our mind into wanting to drink, to slake our thirst.

But during an absorbing activity where our concentration is focused on performing well, the demands of the body for fluids can easily be ignored or not recognized.

Then we run the risk of dehydration leading to muscle cramps, dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms.

It is important that you drink water before exercise, preferably about 2 hours before starting and at least half to one pint depending upon the level of exertion you expecting to make.

If you are exercising in a hot environment you are likely to perspire more and will need to drink more water to replenish your fluid level.

Only a 2% loss of body weight due to sweating can cause a drop in blood volume. This, in turn, causes the heart to beat harder in order to circulate the blood around the body.

During your exercise routine take a break every 15 minutes or so to take a mouthful or two of cool water, or if particularly strenuous, take a drink of a proprietary brand sport beverage.

Weight loss during exercising is not primarily caused by burning fat, by far the major contributor is fluid loss so top up on water after you finish your routines to keep your fluid levels balanced and avoid the risk of dehydration.

There are more effective ways to lose weight if that is your objective.

Somebody has said that � if you wait until you are aware of being thirsty you are already becoming dehydrated�.

The body more readily absorbs cool drinks during exercise than warm drinks.

A note of warning. It is unwise to drink an excess of water or a sports beverage during exercise, the danger increases as the activity becomes more strenuous so drink no more than a moderate amount, about 400 � 800 ml in each hour.

There have been examples of athletes suffering from severe salt loss in the blood as a result of drinking excessive amounts of fluid whilst exercising and some fatalities have resulted.

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