The Different Types Of Rice

Short Grain Rice

Mostly used for risottos and most often white, although, if you can find it, the harder to find short grain brown makes a more crunchy and delicious risotto.

Brown Rice

This is the whole grain still with its highly nutritional edible husk making it ideal for those who want or need a high fibre in their diet. The lovely crunchy, nutty flavour are well worth the longer cooking time and added water compared to the white variety.

Basmati Rice

This is the rice that is associated with Indian cooking. A long grained narrow rice with an excellent, that flavour compliments fine Indian cuisine. Basmati rice is grown in Italy as well as India and is popular in Italian cooking.

Arborio Rice

Another rice from Italy renowned for risottos. It is a short grained rounded rice with a good flavour.

Wild Rice

This is the seed of the water grass. Coloured grey brown and with a nutty flavour, this long, narrow grained variety is not a true rice and needs longer cooking but adds flavour and crunchiness to other rice if mixed in.

Pudding Rice

A polished white rice that makes mouth watering rice puddings. Has a high starch content and goes mushy when cooked with milk.

Rice For Paella

The Spanish are very touchy about this. The dish originated in the Valencia region where the original, authentic rice is grown. Valencian rice is a medium grain which retains its firmness (unlike arborio used for risotto) and can be ordered on line if unobtainable in your local store.

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